• About

    Kiosk is a lightweight eCommerce theme designed to sell or feature one product. If you want to sell your new book, icon set or album then this theme is for you.

    Features include:

    Image feature slider – When you upload multiple product images you have the choice to display them in a slider or as a thumbnail gallery.

    Header image uploader – Upload an amazing header photo which will sit just below your logo on your site. Have a look at the screenshots as an example.

    Features a blog too! – If you want to use this as a normal blog with images instead of videos, it is 100% possible. We have made sure to include our standard image uploader with auto-resizing and filters.

    Light Dark Color Schemes – Kiosk features two distinct color schemes which form a great starting point if you want to modify your site to suit your branding.

    This theme is Responsive! – When viewing the demo, be sure to resize your browser window – there are some cool responsive effects going on here. What’s the benefit you may ask? Well it means that your site will look good on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

    By having a site which is “device agnostic” you ensure that whoever is visiting your site will have the best browsing experience possible on the device they are viewing it with. No compromise.

    Custom Logo Input – No need to delve into the code of your theme, simply upload your awesome logo with the click of a button.

    Page Templates – Our themes come packaged with multiple pages templates including Archives, Full Width and a Portfolio page.

    Menu Management – Organize your Menu Structure for super smooth visitor navigation. Choose what goes and what stays in your nav.

    Advert Management – Setup your BuySellAds adverts or run your own custom campaign, OCMX allows for complete control over your revenue system.

    Automatic Image Resizing – Using TimThumb to manage our theme image resizing you never have to worry about resizing your pictures when switching to our Themes.

    Ajax Comments – When a visitor submits a comment to your blog there are no page reloads. That means they can watch a video and comment at the same time.

    For more details on features and screenshots, visit Kiosk on Obox!