Look up and speak up

Being busy with From the Couch has taken a lot of my focus off We Are not Freelancers… I am sorry for that! So without further delays I want to write about the projection of confidence.

Too many people I know project a negative and bad attitude and then wonder why their life/business doesn’t improve.

Well stop wondering and start refocusing your projection.

I will give you a broad example. This is a very simple example but, if stocks are on the up there is a greater chance you will buy them because they project positivity. If a certain stock is on down you won’t buy them because they project negativity.

It is the same case with your behavior and chosen words.

If I am looking for a website guy and I bump into you, who happens to be a web designer, and say ‘Hey! How are you doing?’ and you say ‘Well, not so great actually, business isn’t so great lately, I am really struggling… But don’t you want me to do you a website?’

What do you think my reaction will be? Well straight off the bat I would think ‘Hell, I don’t want this person to design my site, he is on the downturn, his motivation / creativity is down. And who knows, what happens if, half way through the project, he decides to change his life?’

Now I am using an extreme example but I have seen extreme cases of bad projection. I know someone who constantly talks down their business situation and then sits there and wonders.

How are you going to get business if you reflect badness?

I suggest you do the following:

Even if your business is doing bad don’t tell everyone that. Tell them that you are doing well, they don’t see your books so they won’t know any better. If you give off positive vibes you will get positive vibes in return.

That projection also boosts word of mouth because it is more pleasant to talk about positive issues than negative ones, therefore there is a higher chance that your friends will talk about you when the time comes around.

No one wants to talk about the death of a friend in the same way they don’t want to have an hour conversation about someone who is struggling in business.

The reason I say this is because we experienced the same thing at OBOX about 2 years ago. Business wasn’t great and we told people about it. We used to wonder why, when we told them that it wasn’t great, they would go with someone else who was too busy in any case.

We then decided to change our approach and tell everyone that business was brilliant and that if they wanted to work with us they would need to tell us in advance because we had schedules to stick to.

Since that day it was like a light switch. Even though we were being slightly rude, and basically telling people that they had to decide sooner rather than later, business started to come in consistently.

It is now at the point where we no longer have to lie about being positive and we can actually project goodness because things really are great.

So stop looking down, look up, aim up and you will see the difference.